Complex Care

Complex Care or “Care Planning”

Alberta Health and Wellness is supporting a unique and progressive program to help patients with chronic diseases establish a health goal for the upcoming year. 

It allows you the opportunity to reflect on what you would like to do in the next year to improve your health. While this often happens informally with your physician or chronic disease nurse, this program formalizes and documents this process and builds in a follow up component. The process will be led by a complex care nurse, but will be confirmed with your regular Family Physician.

What will happen?

You will meet with a nurse for about 30 minutes. During that time you will identify one or two goals to improve your health in the next year. They will help you identify resources to help you meet those goals. This will be written down and shared with your physician. A follow up appointment will be booked to check up on your progress.

Why was this program developed?

Making lifestyle and health changes is difficult. Studies are clear that the health goals that are most likely to be accomplished are the ones that YOU choose and work on. This program sets aside dedicated time to allow you to reflect on changes you want to make, discuss this with our nurse, identify a strategy for achieving this goal and committing to a time line to achieve these goals.

What does my doctor think?

Your doctor will provide input as to what they feel is most important to your health. While you should consider this information, remember that the most important goal is the one that you feel is best for you right now!

Who will see my plan?

You will be given a copy and a copy will be placed in your electronic health record. This is not shared with anyone outside of Ridgeview Medical Centre.

How much does this cost?

There is no cost to patients. This program is supported by Alberta Health and Wellness.

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