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Clinic Fees

Clinic Fees

For more information, please contact the clinic front desk.
403-609-8333, ext. 1

Effective July 15, 2022

Due to the rising costs of clinic operations, we have had to apply moderate increases to some of our fees.  This is the first fee increase the clinic has implemented since 2018.

Non-Insured Canadian Residents / Quebec Health Care

  • Base visit
    Per applicable AHC fee
  • Comprehensive visit
    Per applicable AHC fee
  • Pap test
    Per applicable AHC fee

Out-of-Country Patients

  • Base visit - single non-complex concern

    $175 (first 15 min)

  • Complex visit and/or multiple concerns

    $75 per 10min (or part)
    above base 15min appt.

Missed Appointments

POLICY CHANGE - APRIL 2022: Three missed appointments or late cancellations will result in dismissal from the clinic.

  • General appointment


  • Annual medical/complex appointments


  • Nurse appointments


Insurance and Other Forms

  • Blue Cross special authorization forms


  • Attending physician statement (patient fee)

    $50-$100 (time based)

  • Attending physician statement (insurance company base fee)


School and Work Forms

  • Certificate of Fitness for school (form only)


  • -- Including examination


  • School requested forms and reports
    $30 per page
  • Sick note (for school or work)


  • Pre-employment medical exam and report


  • Pregnancy leave and employment insurance forms


Clinical Services

  • Non- surgical treatment of warts, moles (liquid nitrogen)
    $2 per treatment
  • Surgical removal of lesions (not medically necessary)


  • Steroid injections (cortisone)


  • Rapid strep A swab (currently not available)
  • Pregnancy test
  • Dressing supplies

    $10 per dressing

Other Medical Fitness Forms/Reports

  • Certification of Fitness for camps, daycare, air travel, etc. (form only)


  • -- Including examination


  • Seniors residence (Bow River Lodge) application


  • Accessible parking form


  • Driver's Medical Exam (under 75 years of age) - clinic patient


  • Driver's Medical Exam (under 75 years of age) - non-clinic patient


  • Driver's Medical Exam (over 75 years of age)
    Please call

Transfer of, and Access to Medical Records

  • Base fee for transfer of chart (additional fees may apply depending on size of chart and method of transfer)
  • Base fee for transfer of chart for Insurance or Legal purposes (variable based on information requested and method of transfer)