Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Alberta Health Card

To become a patient or be seen as a walk in, you must provide the front desk with your Alberta Health Card, or other valid provincial health care card (excluding Quebec). It is your responsibility to have valid health coverage and to carry proof of this coverage with you; or you will be charged the corresponding Alberta Health Services fee for your visit (generally between $37 and $60 for a basic visit). As some health facilities cannot provide services without physically seeing your valid provincial health care card, we recommend keeping the card in your wallet at all times.

As there is no reciprocal health care arrangement with Quebec, Quebec health care card holders will be charged the scheduled fee and will be issued a receipt.


Out of country patients can be seen on a walk in basis at a fee of $125/visit (additional fees may be charged for complex issues or procedures). A receipt will be provided.

For more information on how to obtain an Alberta Heath card please visit the AB Health website.

Question and Answer

What should I bring with me to my doctor’s appointment?

If it is your first visit, you should bring your provincial health care card and photo ID. You should also be able to provide your mailing address, complete with postal code.

Can I become a patient at the clinic?

We ask that new patients have the intention of becoming regular patients at Ridgeview and permanently reside in an area where they have access to the clinic. If you are only in the area on vacation or temporarily, you should continue to see your usual family physician. For urgent matters, you can visit us during our walk in hours. Please note physicians will not do pap or annual medical exams under these circumstances.
See our new patients page to find out which doctors are accepting new patients, or to go on our wait list.

Do you accept out of province health care?

We accept all provincial health care with the exception of Quebec. Quebec does not participate in the reciprocal inter-provincial health care agreement. As such, residents of Quebec must pay a base fee at each appointment. A receipt will be issued that can then be submitted to Quebec Health Care for reimbursement.

Do you see out of country patients?

Yes. Out of country patients are seen on a walk-in basis at a base rate of $125. For complex and/or multiple medical issues, ask for a rate. The cost of seeing a physician at the hospital’s emergency room is substantially more, and is only recommended in cases of extreme emergencies.

Do you do STI (STD) and pregnancy tests?

Yes. These services are available to both regular and walk-in patients.

Do you offer travel advice?

Yes. However, there is a fee for a travel consult as it is an uninsured medical service. You may wish to speak to your pharmacist or visit the public health website prior to coming to the clinic.

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Will you call me regarding laboratory, radiological investigations, or other test results?

We do our best to contact patients regarding abnormal test results and book any necessary follow up appointments. If you continue to experience symptoms or your condition worsens, please return to the clinic and book a follow up appointment.

Do you attend to work related injuries?

Yes. Please inform the front desk staff that the injury is work related BEFORE you see the doctor. You must provide the workplace address and phone number.

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